Nuvo is a brilliant Multi-Room Music system. Nuvo allows you to store all you digital media in one location. Nuvo allows you to play any song, in any room, from any device.

The Nuvo Multi-Room System

The Nuvo Multi-Room Music System gives you access to all your stored music and control it all from any device such as iPhone, iPad, Android device & Nuvo hand held controller. The beauty of the Nuvo system you can can extra zones at any time making it simple to build your entire home into a music center with different songs in different rooms.

Just hit your Nuvo app from your iPad & you now have access to your entire music library, Internet radio such as TuneIn Radio and online music services such as Spotify.

If you are in the Kitchen listening to you Nuvo system & want to play to the entire house simply add the add zones button via the Nuvos app & all rooms start playing the same music, simple!

Where Do We Install Nuvo Multi-Room Music Systems?

Altough iQ Control are based in Louth, our team have recently provided home music systems & multi-room music systems such as Sonos, Nuvo & Control 4 in installations across Ireland & Northern Ireland in counties such as Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Wicklow, Westmeath, Kilkenny, Laois, Carlow, Offaly, Down & Donegal

Get In Touch About Nuvo Multi-Room Music..

If you would like to know further information about Nuvo Multi-Room Music please give us a call on 0876297786